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Stretchy Brand

I really liked working with Mint Builders contractors because they gave me a lot of options for my bathroom remodeling. I got their number from another friend of mine who lives in Florida but has a home in California and that was the best decision ever! They were open-minded and always thought out of the box on how to make a double sink in a small space without damaging the beauty and esthetics. If one of the options they gave me didn’t work out or we didn’t like they would think of another way to handle the project. As I’m sure you can imagine, whenever you are dealing with a huge remodeling project there are many decisions to make. I really liked the way they handled themselves and the service they gave us. Sometimes on a big remodeling project like this the decisions become overwhelming so I’m glad we had bright individuals who were able to help us through our remodeling project.. Anna and Peter you rock! Thank you for being able to be patient with us and our crazy ideas.. we will value your business forever and will recommend you to anyone we know!

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